Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quest 4!!

 For this quest we had to change the look of our avatar. We had to take a before and after picture!!
This is the BEFORE picture!!
 Here is this picture I was wearing a pink dress with white spots on it, with a black belt wrapped around my waist, with black leggings, and black heels!!! My avatar was looking pretty dull I must say.

Now here comes the AFTER picture!!

The AFTER picture

Here, Ms. LovelyBlu18 is now wearing a nice short sleeve blue top, with black pants, and open toe flat shoes! I wanted to change my avartar clothes where fits my avatar's name. Besides the clothes, I also changed the size of her nose, her eye color, the muscles of her legs, and her height. I wanted her to be a little bit taller than what she was before. Now below are a few snapshots I shot while browsing around in Second Life.

Here in this picture I was in a women's store again looking at there products. I did want to buy a shirt that was $25, but it turns our I have $0... I really had a sad face then. That made me wonder how can I make money in Second Life??

In this picture I decided to take a ride on the City Bus!!!! I didn't know that I could actually ride on the bus in Second Life but I did!!

After finishing touring around on Lionheart Orientation Island, I decided to go to LONDON!!! Once I appeared in London so many people was greeting and socializing with me! I felt welcome to the community immediately! Here in this picture I was at a gathering. As you can see the other's were dancing and enjoying themselves!


  1. Sounds like you made some new friends. Did you officially "friend" any of them? How did you travel to London? Did you just search on London or was it one of the destinations?


  2. No i didn't officially friend of them, but i will on my next visit. The way i found London was by clicking on destinations. there they have different category of places you can visit. While i was searching for a place to visit i was also looking at how many people were in each destination. At the time London had the most people so I decided to go there and see how it is meeting different people in second life.