Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flat Classroom Project


          Beginning my journey with the flat classroom project, I was excited about working with students throughout the world. First we had to select a topic we are interested in. The topic I selected is "Personal Learning Environments and Social Networking". After selecting which topic I would like to be an Expert Advisor of, I introduced myself  to my group in the discussion board. The discussion board is how expert advisors and students stayed connected and communicate with each other. After posting my introduction, many students replied to me by introducing themselves and told me where they are from and the schools they went to. For example one of the students attends Midpark High school in Ohio, and another students attends Mount Carmel High School. From there I begin to think about how great it will be to be able to watch students across the world work together online on this project.

I kept update with the project by staying connected with students and checking there progress on there work. As we know, working in a group project can be a little difficult at times, and this is where some students experience this at first when they first started on the project. One student question their teammate "Is anyone else working on this project besides me?'' But as time progress the students started to work on their projects together. I think it's great how they worked together on this project. This showed me that we don't have to be together in person to collabortively work together, we can have a global collaboration.

Here is a video from past flat classroom students where they share their reflections and experiencs of the flat classroom project!

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